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Specialists in hydrographic data processing and visualisation

Navigate Hydrographic are the creators of "Navigate", a new way of visualising and analysing hydrographic datasets.

We are also the Australian distributor and support agent for BeamworX products, including AutoClean and AutoPatch. We can help you integrate BeamworX into your existing hydrographic workflow, and carry out training to help you get the most out of your software. 


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Navigate is a 3D visualisation and charting software designed for all users of hydrographic data. It makes the assessment of navigable depth and analysis against design a straightforward and intuitive process, assisting port authorities and dredging projects. Hydrographic information is presented cleanly, allowing decisions to be made efficiently. Additionally, Navigate maintains data integrity and assists in distribution amongst stakeholders as required.

  • Intuitive and familiar user interface and design
  • Ability to view very large bathymetric datasets in 3D in a resolution appropriate for the survey depth or feature
  • Easy access to colour banding and point size settings to adjust visualisation on the fly
  • All data is metadata tagged, so you know the when, who and what about your survey data
  • Search for the shallowest point within a design boundary or by mouse
  • Allows design depth features to be changed on the fly to see what additional high spots may need to be dredged
  • Export shallowest points for further use

Navigate is available for a free trial - we would love to hear your thoughts! Please contact us here for a free trial licence.

Navigate Interface

The Navigate interface - layers to the left, meta-data to the right

3D Nautical Chart

View both data and soundings in 3D and adjust colour banding with a scroll of the mouse wheel


AutoClean Interface


AutoClean is BeamworX's processing package designed for large multibeam echosounder datasets. Data loads quickly and easily, and cleaning is simple and efficient. Many tools are accessible via customisable shortcuts and it is compatiable with many data formats.

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Stand-alone application with straight forward installer
  • Automatic cleaning and validation for bathymetric and Lidar point clouds
  • Manual flagging of points in 2D Slice and 3D View
  • Optimum use of modern hardware (multi core, 64 bits, GB’s of memory)
  • Supports many automated cleaning algorithms:  statistical, spline filter, spatial coherence
  • Full undo on all modification actions
  • Imports and exports to various file formats, e.g. FAU/GSF/Kongsberg ALL/PDS/ASCII/LAS/LAZ/Hypack HS2, HS2X/Grids
  • Respects the point status as flagged by the acquisition software
  • Automatic Least Square Adjustment Height Fitting for Tide errors
  • Reference layer for design or previous survey
  • Optionally exports only the changes back to the original source files
  • Drag and drop area selection
  • Automatic import and filtering of files through folder monitoring during the survey

More information can be found here


Every ping is displayed in 3D in Navigate for this pile inspection survey


BeamworX AutoPatch is a useful utility for fast, accurate and consistent patch test results. It is ideal for quickly calibrating a multibeam echosounder on site and generating a thorough report for record keeping.

  • Very easy to operate
  • One button click to complete the full calculation
  • Calculates Roll/Pitch/Heading mounting angles, various latencies, Transducer offset shifts.
  • Refraction, analyse sound velocity and SVP optimization
  • Height fitting for non-RTK data
  • Automatic line and area selection
  • Extensive calibration report
  • Includes despiking/outlier removal for sounder data
  • Exact calculation algorithms, using full ray-tracing
  • Consistent and reproducible calibration results
  • Supports XTF (QINSy), Hypack HSX, Kongsberg ALL, Teledyne PDS Format
  • Calibrates Single/Dual Head multibeam systems including separate TX and RX elements
  • Calculates the best-fit result from multiple survey lines

More information can be found here


AutoPatch Interface

Shark Bay

Nautical Chart added with Design Analysis View enabled in Navigate

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