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The Nautical SmartChart

Navigate Hydrographic is proud to introduce Navigate – the Nautical SmartChart. A nautical chart for the future.


Navigate is designed for surveyors and their clients, and allows fast charting and data distribution right around the world. It also allows detailed analysis, and smart tools to assist data compilation, visualisation and reporting.


Navigate not only makes data look smart, but be smart.

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Key Features



Navigate is an easy to use, nautical SmartChart that allows the end user of hydrographic data to obtain the full picture. It uses a familiar Google Earth-style interface and controls, and includes web mapping background layers by default.

Read-only compressed data can be supplied from the surveyor that loads directly into Navigate (via drag and drop). This single file contains all of the necessary meta-data and datum information. Navigate will load the data in the right place, with the right colour scale for depth.

Navigate can also accept design files - useful for berth pockets, channels, anywhere with a declared depth. Use Navigate's Design Analysis mode to assess depths above design in each area. 

Calculate volumes over design areas and draw cross sections or generate surface differences. Generate volume and depth reports for export.


Devonport Volumes.PNG


Placemarks can be created by a variety of means - by using design areas such as berth pockets or channels, freehand by polygon, or a combination of both. Placemarks can be populated through an area like a traditional chart, or through an entire channel using each design feature. This means a task such as a DUKC® profile assessment for a whole channel can be done in minutes.

Data and placemarks can easily be reported or shared between users.

As more survey data comes in for the project, Navigate will automatically merge the data together, hiding old data and prioritising new. Using our unique Timeline feature, users can travel back and forth through time to assess seafloor change.

The Timeline makes Navigate an effective tool for visualising 4D seafloor change. This makes it perfect for dredging, construction, or environmental applications.


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Broome Backscatter.JPG


Navigate also accepts imagery layers, so background nautical charts, or survey mosaics can be loaded and viewed simultaneously with the bathymetric data


Navigate is designed to make hydrographic data visualisation, analysis, management and sharing simple and approachable for all end users. It is simple enough for any user to master in a day, whilst having enough powerful features to take your data analysis to the next level.

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